Chairman of the Republic Party of Indonesia congrats Mr. Donald Trump as US President

I am Suharno Prawiro the General Chairman of the Republic Party of Indonesia
I would like to congratulate Mr. Donald Trump as the new President of the United States of America.

With this election Mr. Trump has demonstrated his skill his power and impressive political figure for all of the American people.

My party the Republic Party of Indonesia strongly believes that Mr. Donald Trump by way of his power and wisdom will bring about a new global structure where the US will continue to lead the world.

The United States of America and the Republic of Indonesia have had a very good association for a long time.

Our countries share a common history in political economic social and cultural matters.

As the General Chairman of the Republic Party in Indonesia I am very sure that Mr. Trump can make those connections better in the future.

Facing new global problems I also strongly believe that our governments via the leadership of Mr. Joko Widodo and Mr. Donald Trump can give the world a great relationship.

In political matters I hope the Republican Party in America and the Republic Party in Indonesia can make a strong political relationship during the leadership of Mr. Donald Trump in America.

Congratulations Mr Donald Trump. Thank you very much.

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